A Guide is a trusted player that aids their fellow players on the field and helps Directors coordinate and organize events.

Like all other players, you will have a four hour NPC block in which you will be Marshaling instead of NPCing. During your Marshal block, you might help write out item cards, coordinate NPCs, or help facilitate IG events and watch to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Outside of your marshal block, you handle rules questions, addressing safety concerns, card checks, and marshaling theft or CVC actions.

There are five kinds of Marshals:

  • Settings Marshals deal with costuming, make-up, and helping other players with genre questions.

  • Coordination Marshals help with checking in and out players to the game, fulfilling crafting requests, and other questions as well as handling safety concerns.

  • Rules Marshals help facilitate the modules of the ST on their block, organizes, and manages NPCs during play.

  • New Player Marshals aid our new players in becoming familiar with the game world, rules system, and any help they might need.

  • Ops Marshals are in charge of executing and assigning Rules Marshals to specific modules and running Gravemind scenes. They're like the stage manager for their four hour block.

The things we look for in a marshal are:

  • A calm, can-do attitude. You'll be a guide for many players, often in chaotic situations. You'll need to be able to stay in control and be willing to solve problems with an attitude that keeps things positive.

  • An orientation toward customer service. You may be an expert in LARP, but others aren't. You'll need to help make a welcoming, opening space that doesn't feel like a club house.

  • Willingness to learn. People will come to you for rules questions, and you need to be up-to-date on policies as they happen and be ready to seek answers when you don't know them. A Marshal can never reply with "I don't know," it's "let's find out together."

  • Passion for the game. Our Marshals are often the first person a player will encounter when they come to DR. You are our ambassadors and first impressions. Show them how much you love the community and game, and they'll share your love too.

If you think that sounds like you, fill out the application below and we'll be in touch if we need more marshals!

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Previous LARP experience isn't important -- handling tough situations, working in customer service, and anything where you're excited or helping people is great!