Your First EVENT

Dystopia Rising: Washington wants preparing for your first event to be as easy as possible. We created the steps below to simplify the process. If you have any questions please contact us. We look forward to meeting you!

Photo by  Cymryc Moon

Photo by Cymryc Moon


Find an event that works for you!


Pre-registering before the event allows you to skip the registration line when you arrive. New players attending their first Dystopia Rising event get a discounted rate of $20 for the full weekend! Our events occur monthly, and the window for pre-registration generally closes the Sunday before game. No worries if you miss pre-registering, we’ll happily register you when you arrive on site.

Photo by  Jessy Halvorsen

Step 3: Download the survivor’s Guide

This free pdf contains our rules, community standards, general world information, and everything you need for character creation. There’s a lot of information and we don’t expect you to retain it all, but it’s a vital resource to have.

Step 4: Create a character

Decide on the a character concept as complex or simple as you desire. What is your character’s personality? What do they want most? How do they react to danger? What strain are they? Get the general concept down, and we’ll help you with the specifics later.

Photo by  Robert Vollmer

Step 5: Create a Costume

As a community, we want to create an immersive environment. This means costuming! But no worries, the costuming can be as simple some old clothes you own. If you wish for your character to start with armor, contact safe weapon props, nerf guns, or other ranged weapons, follow these links for our safety guidelines.

Step 6: Packing List

Things to keep you dry, warm, and fed over the weekend.

Step 7: Your First Event!

A common question we get is what to expect when you arrive. Curious? Here’s a general timeline of how your first event with Dystopia Rising: Washington will play out. Also check out our info on NPC Shifts!